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The Insight Training Centre

The Insight Training Centre Workshops - Turning Point, Joyspring and The Mile - conducted at The Centre of Light, are experiential encounters, specially designed and tailored to enhance your quality of life in all its spheres. The essence is embedded in transformation and the inherent knowing that human beings are capable of shifting and recreating the lives they lead. The remarkable possibility of radically re-aligning one’s way of being in the world opens the door to embarking upon the path of one’s highest aspirations and life-dreams.

What Do You Want In Life? Who Are You Authentically? Are You Manifesting Your Vision?

With the range of facets addressed being all those that form an integral part of the human experience and thus imbue it with meaning – from birth to death, and everything in between – the workshops serve as an ineffably powerful means of raising one’s level of consciousness. In discovering the uniqueness of who we are as human beings and experiencing the significance of our place in the cosmos, our being stewards of this beautiful planet earth we call our home, we create a life of purpose.

For further information regarding the areas explored, view the Workshops section.

Our website strives to provide an online gathering point for people whose lives have been enhanced and those wishing to discover the possibilities inherent within who they are.


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