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Company Profile

itc-logo-smallInsight Training Centre is an organisation offering an inimitable set of personal transformation workshops. It was established in 1985 by Dr Baruch Banai, the founder of the Centre of Light in the year 2000 – a centre whose Vision it is to become the fountainhead of self- and social-transformation throughout the continent of Africa.

Personal Transformation in its pure form, and in the hands of competence, is a conscious, well-designed process of human technology that affords an irrevocable, instantaneous shift from a survival-driven existence to one of becoming a living, breathing possibility, birthing new self-creations and levels of consciousness.

These novel creations allow for a different way of being human, inviting human beings globally to crystallise a civilisation blossoming with self-awareness, purpose, authenticity, integrity, love and magnificence.

The work of Personal Transformation as offered by Insight Training Centre incorporates a vast range of subjects into a unique composition, with contributions having been made by various individuals, among them: Viktor Frankl, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Martin Buber, Jean-Paul Sartre, Carl Rogers, Albert Einstein, Fritz Perls, Carl Sagan, and many others, whose works may not have received as wide an acclaim, yet they remain pivotal in the spheres of human consciousness and well-being.

With the contextual paradigm being an eclectic, all-encompassing philosophical stand-point, incorporating the classical and the modern, utilising the ancient Socratic dialectic method of questioning, as well as our modern-day social constructivism tools, the process is wide-ranging and efficacious in its impact. Perhaps most significantly, with this being a work that has grown and developed over the course of more than three decades, like any other human discipline that exists over an extended span of time, a wealth of what is offered derives from first-hand experience with literally thousands of individuals, and the direct discoveries of what pragmatically works in comparison to what does not, are implemented.

Whereas we as human beings may all aspire to: attain to our true potential, create depth and intimacy in our personal relationships, discard self-destructive tendencies (among them detrimental habits), communicate efficaciously, discover who we are and the meaning of our lives, and ultimately transform our lives into a reality of living our dreams – as an objective observation, few of us ever do so in tangible terms. These noble ends are often-times squandered for no better reason than a lack of effectual means. Insight Training Centre represents and presents the powerful mechanisms to effect these precise changes, and more. For Personal Transformation is the journey into the Self, an endless sojourn leading to the continuous unearthing of inner wisdom, which, being an integral part of the universe, as witnessed in nature, is an innate part of each and every one of us. And once this fountain-like source of inherent wisdom is touched upon, it streams into consciousness, and from there it surfaces into worldly manifestation.

In practical form, Insight Training Centre offers a trilogy of workshops: Turning Point, Joyspring and The Mile. These form the constructed catalysts by which individuals are sanctioned to unleash their full human capacities, thereby empowering themselves, the organizations they form part of and society at large. If you are seeking Magnificence in your personal life, your business environment and the world in which you live, the workshop trilogy is specifically designed to provide you with the tools to produce your desired results.

Our Vision:

Creating a planet conducive for children to be born into.

Our Mission statement:

Creating an environment in which trust, love, loyalty, respect, gentleness, sensitivity,
kindness, courage, humour and wisdom exist, where the individual is empowered, risking,
free to choose, focused on what is important, and experiencing his/her magnificence.

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