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Dr. Baruch Banai

baruch-banaiDr. Baruch Banai, the oldest of three siblings, was born in 1950, in Jerusalem, Israel. In 1968, immediately after graduating from high school, he was obliged to join the Israeli Defence Force. For a period of three years he served in a combat unit and was exposed to the destructive aspects of war. This exposure shaped and influenced his appreciation for life, and his stand against the existence of military institutions, wars and violence at large. In 1971, after being released from the Israeli military, he enrolled to medical school, in Haifa, Israel, from which he graduated in 1978.

In 1979, upon recommendation from his professor, Dr. Banai moved to South Africa to join the surgical unit at Wits University, Johannesburg. Becoming disillusioned with the Newtonian approach of the medical field – dealing with patients’ physical symptoms but not with the person as a holistic entity – he abandoned the medical field in 1984 and started his own set of personal transformation workshops (Turning Point®, Joyspring® and The Mile®) under the umbrella of the Insight Training Centre® (ITC). By that time Dr. Banai had chosen to permanently settle in South Africa and he became a South African citizen. In addition to his medical degree, in 1997, Dr. Banai attained an Honours degree in psychology from UNISA.

In accordance with the pivotal aim of guiding and encouraging people from all walks of life to discover who they are authentically, their unique purpose in life and the world-altering road of their contributing vision, Dr. Banai’s Mission Statement is: creating an environment in which trust, love, loyalty, respect, sensitivity, kindness, courage, humour and wisdom exist, where the individual is empowered, risking, free to choose, focused on what is important and experiencing his/her magnificence.

Envisaging the above, Dr. Banai’s vision is encapsulated in the words and actions dedicated towards … elevating the level of Consciousness of Humanity through fundamental Personal Transformation of the Individual, in order to make our world conducive for children to get born into. It is Dr. Banai’s firm conviction that the only effective solution to the many current problems of the world – wars, starvation, poverty, crime, sexual abuse, broken families – resides in our ability to raise the level of consciousness of each person on the planet, and by that to raise the global level of consciousness of entire humanity.

Books by Dr Baruch Banai

In order to further spread personal transformation into the world, Dr. Banai has authored several transformational books, among them:

  • Sex – The Fundamental Attraction
  • The Search For Meaning: Life Purpose
  • Relationship with Relationship: The Transformational Approach
  • Death and Life: The Questions to Your Answers
  • Love and Fear
  • The Mind
  • A Collection of Insights
  • The Game of Life
  • The Simple Book of Human Wisdom

His most recent book, Sex – The Fundamental Attraction, emphasises the spiritual aspect of sex as a manner by which to raise consciousness and spread peace and harmony in the world.

The above books are all available for purchase from our Online Book Store

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  • Collection Of Insights Book
  • Death Life Book
  • Game Of Life Book
  • Life Purpose Book
  • Love And Fear Book
  • Relationship With Relationship Book
  • Sex Book
  • The Mind