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Soul Dancing: Efrat Banai

efrat-banaiEfrat Banai completed her social work studies at the university of Pretoria, has been involved in personal transformation for the last ten years and is currently studying law.

In her years of social work studies she undertook the task of caring for a school in one of South Africa's rural communities where she counseled the young learners through the technique of play therapy.

Moreover, she is the founder and facilitator of Soul Dancing, a therapy tool that provides healing while expressing our emotions through dancing.

Soul Dancing promotes healing and growth and allows the individual to gain new insights that assist in eliciting change in his/her life. Soul Dancing is one of Efrat's biggest passions, while witnessing the miraculous power that dancing holds.

Efrat believes that healing begins when we return to our core emotions, exploring and expressing who we are and what we have gone through.

Through her personal journey and endured difficulties in her life, Efrat is a compassionate, loving, caring, passionate and powerful individual both in her personal life as well as in her therapeutic work.

The framework in which Efrat provides her services is in the context of spirituality and in the root of who we truly are. Through the many years of working with thousands of individuals, Efrat is highly intuitive and reaches the heart of anyone who travels with her on the same path.

She works towards creating a conducive planet for children to get born into and believes in the potential of every human being to be the best they can be while loving and honouring who they have become and sharing it with others.

She believes that everyone should feel free, beautiful and powerful and wishes to inspire, motivate and facilitate a process of personal growth and development.

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