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Facility & Gardens

The Centre of Light ® - Insight Training Centre is a facility located on Scorpion Trail 9km from Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa. The Centre is managed by Dr. Baruch Banai and is used for a range of Personal Transformation Workshops throughout the year.

The Centre is set in an area of serenity. Our visitors and guests often walk around the gardens when they are not busy in the Main Hall. The grounds and gardens are beautiful and are home to a vast range of animal life, insects, butterflies, plants and trees.

Have a look at the Butterfly, Bird and Tree species to be found at the Centre of Light:

  • Click here for a List of Butterfly species "flutter-bying" and flower-kissing at the Centre of Light.

  • Click here for a List of Bird species sky-soaring and free-flying at the Centre of Light.

  • Click here for a List of Tree species arising from the earth in the gardens at the Centre of Light.

Aerial View of the Centre


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