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The Trainer: Royee Banai

royee-banaiFor the last 20 years Royee Banai has been involved in the sphere of Personal Transformation, facilitating self-development and self-discovery workshops at the Insight Training Centre with well over 10 000 individuals since the year 2000 at the Centre of Light, situated 9km from Fourways.

His academic achievements include having been Kwa-Zulu Natal’s top matriculant, obtaining 8 distinctions on HG in the Senior Certificate Examination, and an average pass mark of 97,67%. Thereafter, having attended university on a scholarship bursary he attained his Baccalaureus Artium (Cum Laude) in Psychology, followed by Honours. Further to this, he had been awarded Special Faculty of Arts award for Best Undergraduate Student as well as the BA Top Achiever First Place during his First Year. Later pursuits in academics include pursuing his Honours degree in Philosophy and studies in Physics.

Royee's personal view and approach to transformation is based upon direct experience, having witnessed the efficacy of transformation in thousands of lives, and thus continuing to draw his inspiration from those courageous human beings who embarked upon the journey and whose lives have been forever touched. The mysterious nature of existence and the endless new possibilities being enacted in these experiential encounters, serve as further fuel for his fascination with human nature.

In striving to serve his fellow human beings to the utmost of his ability, he honours those who choose to venture upon this rare path of self-mastery; for ultimately, in recognising his own chosen life-path as a personal passion and mission, and knowing that discovering the authenticity of who we are is amongst the most rewarding of life’s experiences, coupled with the wonder of living a life of magnificence ... these are among his intransigent motivators.

In the final analysis, knowing that even one life breathed easier because we exist, knowing that service is joy, knowing that love is the eternal truth in an ephemeral world ... knowing that one life touched will inevitably touch another ... it is fundamentally about being an integral part of the conscious creation of a higher human consciousness and contributing to a planet conducive for all of earth's progeny to be born into.

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