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Bet on Yourself

Written by ITC Centre of Light on .

bet-on-yourselfNothing in this world is absolutely certain or guaranteed. The difference between a successful person and one who fails is not better abilities or ideas, but the courage to bet on ideas, to take a calculated risk and to act! The failure to act, or standing still in life, causes people who are faced with an obstacle to become nervous, to feel trapped; and it even starts to manifest in physical symptoms.

Few successes are achieved via a straight line and will need correcting action along the way. There will be obstacles to overcome when striving to be a successful human being. Stop, look, correct and take action!

Be willing to make mistakes, to suffer pain to get what you want. Responses such as pain are the body’s emotional global positioning system. It will give you feedback on how far you are from achieving your goals. In order to reach your goals, listen to your built-in GPS and take corrective steps.

Do not get locked into the emotions – listen to the feedback and move along.

You have all the resources in the universe available to you when you have the courage to act!

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