• What do you want in life
  • Who are you authentically
  • do you know what it means to be happy
  • Are you manifesting your vision
  • What is your purpose in life

Thanks Baruch, Royee, Orit, Efrat, Ravine,  and everyone at ITC for the change in me that you facilitated (yes and I know it was hard work).

I am forever grateful.

Much appreciated and have a well deserved holiday.

I love you all.

Good morning Orit.

Thank you to all the beautiful people for the most amazing experience I have ever had !!!!

I am feeling very light :)

Lots of love from Cape Town



Listening to Celine Dion's I'm Alive.

Takes me back to being in the Hall, flying.  Thank you, for creating for me another place I can call home.  A place where my spirit gets to fly.

I look forward to being back there.  Even though it is a few months away.


Hi Royee,

Thank you so much to you, Baruch, and the assistants for empowering us to stay true to our authentic being, find stillness, our definition of success and of course, for setting us on the path to realise our visions.

It's been such a blessing, more than words can express. I feel so full of joy, honoured and humbled to have experienced The Mile. I truly believe I achieved so much on this journey, discovered so much more about my inner being, and yet I have so much more to achieve in this life - to help animals and nature and empower other people. All of which, I wouldn't have been able to realise if it wasn't for the three ITC workshops.

Have a wonderful week!

Much love,

Greetings Royee,

I thanked you yesterday, I thank you again today, in fact I will be forever thankful to You and Baruch for the most amazing experience ever, The Mile. Through out the day today I have come to the realization just how profound, deep, special my journey was.

My insights, learning's form The Mile is indescribable, the change in me (one day after the amazing journey) is being noticed not just by others but by myself! Not only do i see the change in me through my actions, but feel the change, I really feel it. I have experienced a magical, beautiful, awesome day today! Right now i'm flying so high!! I keep having flash back of my journey and the more i look into my journey the more i feel content, joy, a great sense of satisfaction, peace!! Thank You Royee,, I mean it!. Know that I appreciate you, I appreciate all your hard work! You have enriched my life in so many way.

Take Care Royee, till next time.


Hi Royee

Round about this time last year, I was invited to a presentation through a friend of a friend at the Centre of Light. I still recall how sceptical I was when I attended this presentation. I was certain that this was some kind of cult with the aim to embezzle money from people. The man presenting was talking about foreign concepts such as ‘cellular learning’. In the midst of my scepticism, something about the content of his talk resonated with a yearning within me. Little did I know that this presentation would have such a profound effect on my life. My experience with Insight has opened doors that I never imagined even existed in my life. It has been a magnificent journey that has brought me closer to God and re-ignited the flame within me. Every day, I’m in awe of the wonder and the beauty that exists in my life. It has brought about healing that is immeasurable. I’m extremely grateful for this experience. I have seen all the questions and gripes I had about my life being answered on a daily basis. I have literally become a people magnet overnight and I can already see the initial stages of my life work starting to take form.

Thank you Royee and the Insight team and keep on doing the good work

Much Love,

Good morning

I want to thank you for all the knowledge I have gained at your training centre. I know without reasonable doubt what I really want and how I am going to accomplish it. I tested it after Joy Spring and within 81 days, it was possible, with of course the help of our community.(This time I was not embarrassed or scared to asked) I used as much of the skills that I learned at your Training Centre and took risks. I saw the event, the hall, the food, everything, before it actually even happened. I just trusted, had FAITH and pressed forward. After asking for volunteers from the community to assist, I had to persuade them to think big and have FAITH.

Thank you once again and have a joyous Year end.


In the 9 months since my Turning Point (TP) and Joyspring (JS) experiences (October 2009), I look back on the metaphysical distance travelled – how much more I value the relationships that matter, and how much less I allow the non-essentials to affect me. I’m also awed by the learning that took place on that all-important cellular level; how it’s healed physical pathologies that medical science had yet been able to cure, and improved my relationship with my physical body and my spiritual/emotional self. This has had major repercussions in my relationships, my effectiveness at work, and my willingness and ability to effect positive change in the world.

One milestone of MANY that occurred for me on these workshops: Before my TP and JS experiences, I operated from a place of fear and “what ifs”, which meant that I only opted to walk a path that was safe and risk-free… funny then that LIVING is hardly safe and risk-free. My participation in Life was at a minimum – doing only what people expected of me, which meant that I often allowed myself to be exploited, manipulated and coerced into doing what really did not sit well with me; meeting others’ expectations at a staggering cost. The desperate need to regain control manifested as anorexia, with depression and obsessive behaviour as its toxic side-effects. My only defense was fear and this manifested as physical pain – my fear of operating as an authentic (and female) human being with my own identity manifested in the most excruciating pain, resistant to 9 different prescription painkillers. During TP and JS, I was able to use the tools provided to release myself from the “cause” of the fear, of which I am no longer a victim. The pain is gone… and boy, do I love the vitality of food and exercise!

Of the many benefits derived from my experiences at ITC, those that rank as most important include:

  • a higher consciousness
  • thorough self-knowledge and an awareness of my life purpose
  • effective communication in my marriage – my relationship with my husband is awesome because every day I choose to participate fully in that relationship
  • the ability to create great relationships from a place of giving
  • an awareness of the inevitable connectedness of my thoughts, words and how they manifest in the world – thus an ability to create my experiences (instead of being a victim to others’ words, actions and expectations)
  • with the removal of fear, the ability to love unconditionally
  • the ability to DO instead of just thinking about doing
  • the ability to LET GO and to TRUST Life – stemming from the realisation that as much as I wanted to have control of what “could” happen, I will never be able to control the future, only create my present. Allowing myself to flow with Life is truly liberating
  • an inner peace and lightness at not having to carry around the useless baggage of the past
  • an awareness of how my state of mind can induce dis-ease in my body, and having the tools to prevent and cure physical problems without the need to see the doctor. I experience shortsightedness as a result of an earlier fear of what “could” happen (fear of the future). A work in progress with drastic improvements already, I aim to have 20/20 vision by the end of 2010
  • a healthy respect and love for my body
  • a continuous string of learning that has continued (and will continue) long after I completed my workshops

My only regret is that I didn’t do TP and JS sooner when a friend told me about Insight Training Centre almost 5 years ago – how much further my personal transformation would have progressed by now.

If you are a graduate, you will know what I mean.

If you have yet to embark on this journey, what are you waiting for?!

With Life,
Colleen Rautenbach

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