• What do you want in life
  • Who are you authentically
  • do you know what it means to be happy
  • Are you manifesting your vision
  • What is your purpose in life

Dear Royee

Thank you so much for the amazing experience during the past 5 days. It is only now that I am starting to digest what truly took place. I feel so blessed. I wish every person could have the privilege of attending such a journey. Roy, you are truly an amazing soul. I am so grateful for meeting you and I look forward to Joyspring. Turning Point has truly been a life changing experience and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Best regards

Wendy-Anne Naidoo
HR Retail Service

Hi Royee,

I just wanted to say that it’s such an honour to be in your space. I’m so happy that ITC… and you :-), came in to my life. I would never have expected to have grown this much, and I love helping everyone that comes into the space. I also love helping you manifest your being and your vision, you really are awesome.

But I’m sure you hear that lots so I’m gonna stop :-) Also, I don’t know if I’ve had the time to thank you for The Mile, it was amazing… even though I suck at running. You and your team were awesome.

It’s so special that you take your time to help people grow, and I am so so grateful. But you’ll be seeing plenty more of me! :-) Yay… ;-) Hope you have a SUPER week, we must keep in touch ok? :-)

Ps, estás muy guapo ;-)

With lots of love,

Hi there all

I have asked to have this presentation sent to me, because of the remarkable results I have experienced from it in my life and because of what I have seen many others experience in their life over the past 6 years. My very world and everything in it at the time changed completely and since then, many more hidden doors, treasures and experiences unfolded as a result.
It only took the one step, a choice from deep within me that I deserve more and want much more from this life that didn’t seem to make any sense and appeared not to be fair to me.

This format is a workshop designed for business from Dr. Baruch and Royee Bonai of the Insight Training Centre. This is definitely highly recommended and like nothing close I have ever experienced from the mundane courses that are offered and which I have attended through my lifetime.

From my experience this is a must do for everyone, but it’s hard to explain remarkable value and results to someone when they haven’t the awareness of the possibilities of a road never travelled.
How could Neil Armstrong explain what he experienced years back on his space mission to anyone!! It simply was not possible without the people being there themselves.

My advice is simply do it, make the effort to “ Become more of who you are and less of what you have been.” This has become my slogan since my eyes opened years ago.

I know the incredible journey about to unfold and this is your opportunity to open that door. Think carefully !!

Love and blessings,

Hi Royee. Just again thank you for a great experience, this Mile was without a doubt one of the biggest favours I've ever done myself.

Kind Regards

Hi Roy,

I know I must be the millionth person, today saying thanks for the Joy Spring Journey.

But a special thanks to you and the team, for time and patience for the duration of the journey, it was the most difficult but also the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life.

I can’t wait to complete the Mile next year so I can fully understand and live what has been shown to me

Olaf Gehm (Ollie)

Dear Royee,

I am finding it difficult to find the words that are meaningful enough, that truly reflect my deepest gratitude to you and the beautiful people who assisted on the Turning Point workshop last week. Thank you. The biggest, deepest thank you.

This has been the most meaningful and positively significant experience in my life to date. The experience of human interaction and love has been amazing for me. I feel so much love and compassion for my world, my heart is bursting. I feel changed and not. I am different and yet the same. I am starting to see.

I can’t wait for and am dreading Joy Spring (as I know I am going to be working really hard) but I am so excited. Please if there is anyway to convey my thanks to everyone involved and especially to Eva, Rene and the two other amazing people who personally assisted me (I cannot remember their names at the moment), can you tell them thank you.

I shall see you all this evening.


Dear Royee,

I wish you and your team of assistants well for Joy Spring.
You are in my thoughts and therefore in my prayer.

Thank you for assisting me in making such a necessary shift in my life. Everyday… the most amazing possibilities, the miracles, the awareness, the acceptance, the experience, the gratitude, the love, the people, the service, the playfulness, the discovery.. This life, this most amazing journey, for me, and my family, is a thank you to you and your family.

Thank you, I have me back and am forever Gratefull!

With Love


I simply had to take this moment to write, the thoughts and words were bursting to come out. I want to say thank you and bless you.

I went to sleep last night completely humbled by how abundantly blessed I am and even this morning I almost did not recognise myself - it's really because of what you unlocked through your amazing work. Just yesterday again I met a beautiful stranger who upon striking up a conversation reminded me of how beautiful the world fundamentally is. Prior to coming to the centre I actually thought this was debatable, silly, silly me!!! Later yesterday in a book I was reading a line popped up that said the best decisions are made from the heart, and again it rang true to what you uncovered. I came to the centre thinking I was unworthy of love and now my constant desire to live out love by honouring my contract humbles me by constantly surrounding me with magic and reciprocation.

A hymn in my home language Setswana constantly plays in my head:

Jo ke motlholotlholo (Oh what a miracle)
Ha ke ratwa le nna (That I too should be so loved)
Ka rato le le kalo (With such an abundant love)
Leo ke Morena (That is God's work)

Thank you!!!

Tumi Rabanye

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