• What do you want in life
  • Who are you authentically
  • do you know what it means to be happy
  • Are you manifesting your vision
  • What is your purpose in life

To Baruch, Royee, and the family, I extend my utmost gratitude and love for what you are doing, your contribution to this world. The love I experienced during this period will stay with me for all eternity.
I stand and I stand tall.

Much love and gratitude,

Dear Royee and Baruch
I would like to say thank you. For showing the way for a new life . I have fallen in Love with life it self ,it is amazing. But more importantly i want to say thank you for guiding my family to a place and space were they are free and in harmony. Sunday night was the happiest day of my life ,words will not explain.

My mind is racing , heart is beating fast my love for nature has gone to new highs. I would like to ask if it would be possible for me to speak to one of you about the direction of my Safari Company i do not want to rush in and do things wrong. I will not take up a lot of your time as i know you are so busy. Your guidance in this regard will be priceless.
Love Shawn

Dearest Royee,

My heartfelt gratitude to you and the team for the most amazing and profound experience of my life.

Am so blessed to have had the opportunity to attend the "Turning Point "and "Joy Spring " workshops at ITC and to be it the presence of two amazing teachers who so selflessly have shared their insights with all of us.

Thank you once again.

Lots of love,

Dear Baruch and Royee

I would like to thank-you from the bottom of my heart for the contribution you have made to my life. I just received an offer from the United Nations to do an internship in New York- never in my wildest dreams!!!

This is the start of something great, and  I am kind!

With Love

Dear Royee and Baruch

I just wanted say  a big “Thank You “ for sharing yourselves and providing me with plenty of inspiration. The experience has really given me a chance to change my way of thinking and I am truly grateful that I did not give up.  

May God bless you for making a difference in the world!

Kindest regards

Dearest Baruch, Royee and the Team

When I signed up to for Turning Point I did not know exactly what I was hoping to achieve after it was recommended to me by a good friend. I hated the first two-three days but the funny thing..i never felt like quitting. Oh boy, how I’m so glad I didn’t. I never thought I would see things the way they were put into perceptive for me during the past few days especially after the Friday night leading into the weekend. I was literally transformed into a different person or at least I how see myself and those around me.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking me through this journey of self-discovery and learning to love and honour the being that I am. I know that there’s still more to learn and discover but I learnt from Turning Point is enough to make me feel hopeful about the future.I thank you for giving me a second chance in life and most importantly I thank you for giving my marriage a second chance and now I know that my children will have a an awesome Mom, a Mom who knows who she is and loves herself unconditionally and who in turn will love them unconditionally, who will listen attentively when they communicate with me, a Mom who will let them have their freedom as kids, a Mom who will be willing to be a child again and a Mom who will instil in them values about  themselves and humanity that will make them better people in life and positive contributors to the universe.

Thank you and I am looking forward to Joyspring.

Remain blessed.

Kind regards,

Dear Insight Training Centre,

I just want to thank you all so much for this experience!

Language is too limited to express how I feel and how the Turning Point "workshop" has impacted my life. AWESOME!!

I think I can speak for both Marli and I in saying that we have been so humbled and feel such a deep appreciation for this Universe we live in, and want to thank you so much for giving us this glimpse of opportunity.

We feel now a deeper appreciation for life and we can be so privileged to have had this experience come our way.

I would like my friends and family also to attend Turning Point, I just want to make sure on the dates.

Marli e-mailed earlier to book for JoySpring, we are excited for this!!!

Thank you again and look forward to seeing you guys at JoySpring

Loving Regards
Justin & Marli

Hi Orit,
I am great thank you! Still on a high after the Mile – can you believe it? Filled with excitement and verve for the future..
I hope you are keeping well. May you have a blessed festive season with your loved ones, filled with magic moments xx
Much love,

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