• Are You Manifesting Your Vision
  • What Do You Want In Life
  • What Is Your Purpose In Life
  • Who Are You Authentically
  • Do You Know What It Means To Be Happy

Joyspring ®

life-purposeJoyspring proffers the return of the fountain of joy, a fountain which springs into existence the moment one knows clearly one’s reason for being and the meaning of one’s personal life. This represents a further step on the journey of self-exploration, with a further 60 hours of invested effort into one’s existence. Joyspring for the keen participant is the invitation into real knowing and inner wisdom.

Noted in summary, the outcome is crystal clarity with respect to self-awareness, purpose and reason for being; it represents the beginning of a fulfilling, purpose-oriented life, one filled with meaning, passion and zest for the gift of life.

Content Emphasis:

Life Purpose, Creation of Meaning, Resolution of Personal Problems, Result-orientation rather than irrelevant talk, Time-keeping capability, Teamwork and Unity, Creativity, Perseverance, Self-challenge, Conquering of Fear thus entering the domain of Courage, Essences of Being Human.

Process Emphasis:

Articulation of content delineated above into practicality.

Among the workshop purposes are:

  • Transcending behaviours, attitudes and beliefs that by their nature are self-destructive;

  • Transmuting these into serving modalities of action, thought and feeling;

  • Discovering and experiencing the self in its authenticity;

  • Working with and manifesting the essential power of Being invested in the human being.

Cost: R6900.00 per Person

Venue: The Centre Of Light - Insight Training Centre

Physical Address:
Plot 109, Scorpion Trail Street
Kyalami, Johannesburg, 1687
Republic of South Africa

GPS coordinates: S25.9466, E28.03188

Joyspring Workshop Time Schedule:

Check our Calendar for the next Joyspring Workshop Dates

This workshop is held over five days from Wednesday to Sunday.

The actual workshop times will be established with the group at end of Turning Point.

NB: This workshop can only be attended by graduates from the Turning Point Workshop. No exceptions.

  • Collection Of Insights Book
  • Death Life Book
  • Game Of Life Book
  • Life Purpose Book
  • Love And Fear Book
  • Relationship With Relationship Book
  • Sex Book
  • The Mind