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Turning Point ®

turningpointTurning Point offers a rare opportunity to shift the direction of one’s life in a radical manner, and thus enter a new way of being. It represents an intensive period in human life, with 50 hours of concentrated self-reflection, introspection and exploration of profound possibilities.

Turning Point offers the individual who consciously enters the process, the opportunity to work with the facets that are most relevant for him/her at that point in time and to part from the encounter having effected his/her desired results. In general form, the overall outcome of this once in a life-time experience – which is itself an experience of a life-time – is that once it is personally experienced first-hand, it marks the beginning of a new way of life.

Content Emphasis:

Turning Point addresses a broad spectrum of subjects, ranging from basic to complex. Included among them are: Freedom of Choice, Opening of New Possibilities, Conflict Resolution on personal and professional levels, Victimhood versus Responsibility approaches, Emotional Release aimed at attaining to higher levels of emotional intelligence, Communication tools for success, Qualities essential to Humanness, Self-authoring of life, the power of Intention, working with certainty as opposed to self-deceptive assumptions, and many more.

Process Emphasis:

Articulation of content delineated above into practicality, along with specially designed and facilitated processes geared toward promoting self-sustainable experiential learning.

Among the workshop purposes are:

  • Creation of breakthroughs beyond current modes of thought and feeling;
  • Taking effective action;
  • Producing self-desired results in alignment with personal goals, focusing on commitment and participation;
  • Reaching a point of self-realisation with the emergence of new possibilities.

Registration for Turning Point Workshop

When making your booking for the Turning Point Workshop please take note of the following:

  1. Click here to Download the Turning Point Registration Card.
  2. Complete the Registration Card with your full details before returning this back to us. No booking will be made without this form.
  3. Read and initial on each of the clauses marked NB. (i.e. (1) The deposit fee is neither transferable nor refundable. (2) The balance is not refundable but is transferable within three months.)
  4. Enter your full name, the date and sign at the bottom of the Registration Card.
  5. Email the completed and signed Registration Card to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Trainer Information Sheet (TIS)

After you have made your booking for the Turning Point Workshop please do the following:

  1. Click here to Download the Trainer Information Sheet (TIS).
  2. Complete the TIS in your free time before attending the workshop.
  3. Bring it with you on the first evening of the Turning Point Workshop. This needs to be handed in during registration.
  4. This forms the basis of what you wish to work with and gain as a result of attending Turning Point.

Cost: R5900.00 per Person

Offering a 100% Satisfaction or Moneyback Guarantee

Venue: The Centre Of Light - Insight Training Centre

Physical Address:
Plot 109, Scorpion Trail Street
Kyalami, Johannesburg, 1687
Republic of South Africa

GPS coordinates: S25.9466, E28.03188

Turning Point Workshop Time Schedule:

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Registration of all Participants between 16h15 and 16h45.
Commence at 17h00 & complete at approximately 02h00 (early morning).

Commence at 17h00 & complete at approximately 02h00 (early morning).

Commence at 17h00 & complete at approximately 02h00 (early morning).

Commence at 12h30 midday & complete at approximately 00h00 midnight

Commence at 09h30 in the morning & complete at approximately 21h30 at night.

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