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The Mile ®

the-mileThe Mile is one of the important mile-stones in a human life; it represents the doorway to the path of Vision, with the vision being the most magnificent manifestation of one’s Self in action. It represents the final stage in ITC’s tripartite trilogy, constituting an additional 130 hours of self-reflection in an atmosphere of gentleness and quietude. The Mile is our retreat into nature, away from town, offering six days and five nights in a place of natural peace and harmony.

The overall outcome of this stage is a life wholly transformed forever.

Content Emphasis:

Implementation of Life Purpose and Creation of Meaning, Power of Stillness, Insight generation, Defining Personal Success, Formulating Vision, Creating networks of Support, Adopting Workable Positions, Breaking through personal Walls, Unlocking hidden potentiality, Health orientation, Teaching focused communication skills.

Process Emphasis:

Articulation of Content delineated above into practicality.

Among the workshop purposes are:

  • Breaking through self-imposed walls and developing supportive networks;

  • Reaching a place of completeness and completions of that which has remained incomplete;

  • Clarifying the Vision for one’s Life and Defining Success;

  • Attaining to a Personal Life-Mission Statement.

Cost: R15900.00 per Person

Cost of the Workshop includes Food & Accommodation.

Venue: Away in Nature. Venue confirmed with ITC offices along with booking.

The Mile Workshop Time Schedule:

Check our Calendar for the next The Mile Workshop Dates

This workshop is held over six days, five nights away in Nature, beginning Tuesday 10h00, completing Sunday by 19h30.

NB: This workshop can only be attended by graduates from the Joyspring Workshop. No exceptions.


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