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Workshops Introduction

presentationIn practical form, Insight Training Centre offers a trilogy of workshops:

  • Stage 1: Turning Point
  • Stage 2: Joyspring
  • Stage 3: The Mile

These workshops form the heart and core in support of ITC’s Vision. They are uniquely designed for individuals who wish to create a most meaningful shift in their own personal lives, and if their consciousness so permits, to extend themselves further in making a significant difference in other human beings’ lives.

The workshops form the constructed catalysts by which individuals are sanctioned to unleash their full human capacities, thereby empowering themselves, the organizations they form part of and society at large. If you are seeking magnificence in your personal life, your business environment and the world in which you live, the workshop trilogy is specifically designed to provide you with the tools to produce your desired results.

The Workshop Trilogy: How we do, what we do!

It is about the adventure of self-discovery, the unearthing of new possibilities and implementation of powerful action, with the focused aim of generating breakthroughs in all spheres of human life, ranging from the personal to the professional.

Inherent in their design, the workshops afford participants the rare opportunity to perceive and examine their worldly way of being in a light of clarity; with the result being an objective recognition of both the facets that work in their life, and those that do not.

Augmented by the central motif of the ITC workshops, namely the indubitable knowing that human beings are endowed, akin to all aspects of creation, with the inherent wisdom and capability to construct their lives in a way that works, and coupled with the conducive workshop conditions which rouse this often quiescent consciousness into awakening, those who venture into this journey walk away from the encounter with heightened awareness.

Amongst the plethora of practical benefits derived, a more than twenty-year experience in this field of human science has yielded results in areas such as increased personal motivation, passion and output efficiency when related to task-specific objectives, along with improvement in interpersonal skills, for example communication, conflict resolution and creative expression.

Graduates testify for themselves that their contentment no longer depends on external factors, as they clearly realise their own responsibility to themselves and to their company to produce results. Viewed in context, while the workshops focus with laser precision upon the individual, a strong sense of teamwork is simultaneously established within the group, which later ripples out into the work environment wherein human interaction is quintessential.

Accordingly, the emphasis on the Insight Training is of an ‘experiential’ nature and it is the experience itself that is sustained and indeed developed upon after the workshop. To allay the natural hesitations, doubts and concerns that people may hold to prior to knowing first-hand the value of what we offer, we offer upon enrolment a distinct refund guarantee should an individual be dissatisfied with his/her experience of the workshop.

To date, no refunds have been requested by participating members, as not only are their cited desired results attained, but moreover, due to the proficiency and efficiency of the tools offered, people part from the encounter with more than what they initially expect and request.

Mode of Operation:

To generate a radical, self-sustaining shift in personal awareness and one’s way of being in the world – and to do so in a relatively short period of time, when viewed in comparison to a length of many years of life – the various modalities of learning acquisition require full engagement. As such, an integrated range of modes aimed at self-development and growth are employed, among them: cognitive discussions, audio-visual learning tools, and most importantly games conducive to experiential learning. In regard to this mode of operation, the learning emphasis is not placed upon cognitive acquisition and rehearsal of information. Instead, learning is generated in a cellular, experiential manner which by its unique design, is tailored to self-sustainability.

Among the interwoven elements which create this experience as wholly exceptional in its nature, are:

  • Stimulating dialogues, coupled with detailed learning charts, engaging the listening and observant audience in an interactive manner that promotes internalised insights;
  • Conversations on subjects relevant to the human condition, and especially those which are rarely engaged in a deep, meaningful manner;
  • The use of music as a facilitating instrument, as by listening to hand-selected songs whose words represent keys to personal shifts, self-awareness is evinced;
  • Relaxation techniques to alleviate accumulated stress;
  • Dancing to music as a form of self-expression;
  • Person-to-person interactions to increase communication skills;
  • Further human-interactive features, since interaction governs all relationships, and thus, by employing perspicacious observation techniques, workshop participants are afforded the opportunity to view their own behaviour, both overt and covert, towards themselves and others, thus bringing into their awareness aspects which they wish to shift;
  • Data transference and acquisition through focused lecture topics;
  • The facilitation of integral powerful self-awareness processes by experienced facilitators;
  • Consolidation of learning via homework assignments.

The work proffered is thus engaged and established via auditory, visual and kinaesthetic modalities. As such, it is a multi-faceted instrument geared towards diverse learning, with special emphasis upon tailored processes promoting the essential experiential learning. Couched in an atmosphere of intensive self-inquiry, personal challenge and clear self-reflection, a quantum leap in human growth and self-development transpires.

Summary of Workshop Benefits:

The benefits of the workshops, as attested to by countless individuals who have attended, as well as their companies, may be summarily in summary indicated as follows:

  1. Personal motivation, personal passion and output efficiency are increased. With various task-specific objectives presented in the workshops, and with their being result-oriented, productivity skills are emphasised and honed, leading to higher modes of proficiency and efficiency. Valuation of tangible results as opposed to mere talk is thus attained. In practical terms, there is a reduction in work absenteeism and sick leave applications in companies whose employees have attended our workshops.

  2. Significantly, with workshop emphasis being on shifting an external locus of control to an internal locus of control, employee motivation shifts accordingly from one of restrictive motivation to one of constructive motivation. As such, with the person’s contentment and satisfaction in life no longer dependent on external factors, he/she can for the first time focus fully on the task at hand.

  3. Time-management is addressed, since it forms a core facet of the workshops. With many of the processes involving a time-component factored into the procedure, individuals become highly attuned to this critical component of life. Life is measured by time; and significantly how that time is valued and utilised.

  4. Improvement in interpersonal relationship skills, among them conflict resolution and conflict prevention skills, communication skills and the ability to move into a mode of co-operation rather than opposition. Teamwork thus becomes a highly prized, internalised value.

  5. Reduced stress and stress related illnesses. The impact of daily stressors is minimised as practical tools for stress release remain at the disposal of workshop graduates.

  6. Creative problem-solving is nurtured via engagement with lateral, out-of-the-box thinking exercises.

  7. Commitment, loyalty and degree of participation are increased, as these components are central features worked with throughout the workshop trilogy, from moment first to moment last.

  8. In practical business terms, on one hand the outcomes feature higher profit-margin turnovers in shorter time-periods, as employees are focused and present in the moment instead of being elsewhere while at work. On the other hand, company losses are reduced, be they monetary, in the form of staff retrenchments, disciplinary actions, employee counselling or other forms.

The bottom-line benefits of a human being who has worked with himself/herself in a most personal manner, cannot be limited in scope. The employer who knows and holds that a major asset in the production arena is the employee, invests in the person as a person; the impact derived from such a personal shift is often beyond precise valuation, for it is invaluable.

Public Presentation Evenings

We hold Public Presentation Evenings on Wednesdays, twice per month.

During this 2-hour concise and comprehensive evening presentation, the Centre of Light - Insight Training Centre offers an introduction into the work of self-transformation offered through Turning Point as the first stage workshop. For those at a stage of inner readiness for self-transformation, this is an opportunity to encounter new life possibilities.


Venue: The Centre Of Light - Insight Training Centre (Main Hall)

Physical Address:
Plot 109, Scorpion Trail Street
Kyalami, Johannesburg, 1687
Republic of South Africa

GPS coordinates: S25.9466, E28.03188

Presentation Evening Time Schedule:

Please check our Calendar for the next Presentation Evening if you require more information.


Twice per month. Commences at 19h00 & Finish at 21h00

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